Superdrug purchases!

Hi Beauties,

Superdrug has free shipping again until December 4th! So of course being that money burns holes in my pockets, I had to make a purchase. I managed to contain myself and only by 3 items! Which were on a 3 for 2 offer!
Sorry about the picture being yellow, my bedroom is one of the worst lite rooms in the house!

I purchased:

  • The MUA Primer which was £4.00
  • MUA Extreme Felt Liner (in black) £2.00
  • Barry M Bold Black Waterproof Gel Eye Liner £3.99
My whole order came to £7.99 as there was free shipping and 3 for 2 on all cosmetics.
I have never used a primer, as I felt I did not really need to, but I have decided that I am definitely going to try it out.
I purchased the MUA felt liner, as I really only ever use felt tip eyeliners, but am always looking out for new brands to try, as the Eyeko one set the bar very high, I just don't have enough money to keep buying the Eyeko one.
Lastly I purchased the Barry M bold eyeliner, as it is a pencil, but waterproof which I find very useful, and I will be reviewing it later.

Are you guys having any sneaky buys before Christmas? 

Mia xoxo


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