Misbehave! Interview

Hi Beauties,

Thought I would do another interview as really enjoying doing them at the moment! I know I did one last week, maybe it will become a regular thing!

So I caught up with Allie from Misbehave! Website here!

1) If you could choose any model or celeb to model for your site who would it be?

That is such a good question! I think I'd pick Solange Knowles as my dream model for the site. She's incredibly beautiful and I love how her quirky and experimental choices with fashion, hair and music. It must be pretty hard standing out when your big sister is Beyonce but I think she has such an interesting persona.

2) Before creating your site, where there any other sites that inspired you? if not what did inspire you to create it?

At the time, I actually wasn't inspired by anybody or any sites. I'm hugely into fashion and love shopping and when I'm on a budget, buying everything in Primark is a bit of a bore (although I do love it!). I wanted a new shopping experience that was fun and different but wasn't expensive for anybody to buy from. I take a lot more notice of people and their brands now. I love and admire shops like Dolly Bow Bow and Rings and Tings as well as sellers that make and distribute things through places like Etsy. 

3) When did your company start?

I've sold on and off through places like eBay for a while but Misbehave!Boutique was officially born in September 2012. So it's still a baby but doing so, so well!

4) What is your favourite item on your website?

Such a hard question! I would say my all time favourite is the 'Skull Antler Studs'. I have a bit of a thing for skulls and antlers separately, so put together and I am in love!

5) Where do you see your shop in 5 years time?

I'm really looking to the future of Misbehave! In its short life, people have taken to it so well already and its popularity has really exceeded all of my exceptions. I just want to continue to grow awareness of the site and, hopefully, would love to see it building into destination shopping site people think of immediately, like ASOS or Toshop.com. In terms of products, I'm in the planning stages of personally designing a line that will be out in 2013 and that's all very exciting. I think it would also be pretty interesting to have design students and graduates put forwards ideas of jewellery and accessories to go into production and stock giving them a platform.

6) Any advice you would give to new businesses?

My biggest piece of advice is to be relentless. Believe 100% in who you are and what your brand is and get it seen by everybody you can. Know what makes you special and contact bloggers, vloggers, papers, PR people, magazines, websites, everybody. Make a lot of friends online who share your passion and you can do things for like guest blog or have them do something simple like RT a link which can reach new 

Also, sleep. Get one really good night's sleep because once you start, you mind is constantly on the go and there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done!

Follow Misbehave! on Twitter https://twitter.com/MisbehaveStore

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