Love Lila Interview

Hi Beauties,

I think these interviews are becoming a weekly feature! This time I caught up with the lovely Sameena Bruce, from Love Lila! Love Lila is a online fashion store. There slogan is "Luxe for less" I must admit they do live up to it, everything is affordable and drop dead gorgeous! The links are at the bottom, they are definitely worth a look at!

1)Where did you get the inspiration for starting up a business?

After having my daughter Lila Rose I decided to set-up my own business as I wanted to create something for us both. I graduated in BSc (Hons) International fashion Marketing in 2008 and worked in the fashion industry prior to my degree, during it and after. I felt that this was the industry that I knew most about and also felt that the different job roles I had undertaken  had given me a good amount of knowledge and experience to go alone. I had previously worked in fashion retail, wholesale, PR and marketing & events, as well as another online store.

2)When did you start your online shop?

 I started doing my research and planning everything in 2009 whilst I was still pregnant. After I had Lila I decided to call the online boutique LoveLila as I thought it was a cute name but also a very catchy brand name. The business launched May 2012 and just after 6 months it has won a Silver Website Award from Mumpreneur!

3)Where do you look when you are looking for up and coming or new trends?

When it comes to trends I tend to check out fashion blogs, magazines and observe what is on the high-street and what celebs are wearing. A lot of inspiration comes from street-style too and outfit posts across social networks. But a big decision maker when buying pieces is just my own instinct.

4)have you seen any new trends that you like at the moment?

The trend that I really like at the moment is the casual-tailored look which is a combination of a printed tee underneath a blazer with skinny jeans or leggings. I think this is a really easy look to create and works well across all ages and can be worn to college or work.

5)If you could have any celeb dead or alive in the world, to model your clothes who would it be?

 Mmmm...if I could have anyone it would be Audrey Hepburn! But choosing someone who is alive I would go for Kate Moss.

6)What is your favorite item in your online shop?

My current favourite piece is the Black Luxe Fur Collar Jacket, the crystal embellishment detail along with the real fur collar make this biker jacket uber glam!

Here are the Links:
The website:Here
The Facebook page:Here
The Twitter page:Here

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