Wavy Jewellery

Hi Beauties,

Can't believe how it is getting really dark really early now! Winter is definitely on it's way!

So recently I placed an order with Wavy Jewellery, click HERE for the site. Wavy Jewellery is a lovely online site which has lots of handmade jewellery for under £5.00.

I ordered two bracelets!

This was the first bracelet I ordered,  it is just a cross on a blue cord, it is very simple and it looks nice when wearing it, although you do have to tie it up so I am a bit worried it might fall off, it is still very cute and I can get away with it for school as it is thin so I can hide easily! I purchased this for £1.15

This bracelet is my favorite. I know it sounds silly, but I have honestly always wanted a little bracelet with one star on it so when I found this I jumped with joy! It has a lobster clasp and it is a bit of a fiddle to put on but looks really elegant and lovely when I am wearing it. I paid £3.00 for it and you can choose from 9 different pendents.

If you had a bracelet like my star one, what pendent would you put on it? Comment below if you want!

Mia xxx


  1. The star bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! I never usually wear bracelets as those kind are the only ones I like, and they're all so expensive! £3 is a massive bargain!
    I would put a moon on it, just to go with the theme. Haha.

    1. I know I had to snap it up as soon as I saw it and the price, the moon is a good choice :) xx

  2. Very cute bracelets Mia!! Hope to see you wearing them!