Veuxdoo wish list.

Hi Beauties,

So I thought I would start doing some wish lists, as I am looking at clothes all the time, when I should really be doing homework!

My first wish list is veuxdoo, this is a really nice site and I am constantly eyeing up their clothes!

So if you want to visit veuxdoo CLICK HERE
Here are my favorite items:

This is their gorgeous Dip-Dye Crop Sweat Top with Peace Logo and at the moment it is on sale for £4.00!!!!!! I love this item and I love the peace symbol so this is probably my favorite item.

These, are to die for and I really think they are funky! These are their Nebula Leggings and they are 12.00 I do not tend to wear leggings but I would definitely wear these.

These have just come in for Halloween, and I think they are awesome, I would wear them all year round! These are the Slime green bat shorts for £16.00 and I think they they are different and quirky! 


The Oxblood studded cross top for £12.00, crosses on clothing has become increasingly more and more popular and I think this top is really nice, it goes with the trend and is very fashionable

Thanks for reading and please tell me what was your favorite item?

Mia xxx


  1. their clothes are amazing! i really love these bat shorts <3

    1. The bat shorts are awesome :) x