Superdrug order

Hi Beauties,

 So just got my superdrug order at until the 24th of October they have free shipping!

So Here is what I purchased:

1)TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray 250ML which was on offer for £3.49
2Make Up Academy Lipstick Shade 5 For £1.00
3)Fragrance Precious Woman EDT10ml ( the one in the gold/yellow/creme packaging) for £1.99
4)Fragrance Forever Yours EDT 10ml (the blue/purple packaging) for £1.99
5) 3 cans of superdrug dry shampoo breeze 150ml It was on buy one get two free, can't argue that! so only paid £1.99

The TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray  is nice, It does exactly what it says on the tin, you spray it right into the roots on towl dried hair then blow dry it. I liked it, it did boost my hair but it also left the top feeling a bit crunchy almost like I had sprayed hairspray into it. I will rate it 6/10

Make Up Academy Lipstick Shade 5 it might not be the best quality but the shade is nice, very pinky but still a neutral tone, it seems to have a bit of shine or glitter in it. 7/10

Fragrance Precious Woman EDT10ml this has a very vanillary smell with a hint of floral, I like it, it fits perfectly into my school bag and it is not an awful price although it does smell very sweet and it has the smell of a not very good quality perfume, sort of sweet and a bit like alcohol, not sure if I will buy it again. 4/10

Fragrance Forever Yours EDT 10ml This one I prefer to the other perfume I got, it has a floral and water lilly smell, more sophisticated and elegant although still has that rather cheap smell, it is much nicer than precious women, a perfect christmas prezzy ( Can not believe I am thinking about christmas presents at this time) 5.5/10

Superdrug dry shampoo breeze 150ml I think dry shampoo is a must have, perfect if you are busy a lot or on the go, this bargin made me so excited buy 1 get 2 free, the dry shampoo s good quality and has a nice sweet oder to it, not quite as good as batiste dry shampoo, but still a good purchase especially at that price, I think I might buy this product again. 6.5/10

Would you buy any of these products that I got? leave a comment below! 

Mia xxx


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