Harts and Crosses

Hi Beauties,

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So I have recently got an order from a lovely online preloved clothing site called Harts and Crosses CLICK HERE FOR THE SITE!

I think preloved clothes are great, because not everyone will have that item, it is recycling and they are that little bit cheaper.

So here is my order:

It came all neatly wrapped.

I purchase these nice cross spiked studs,they were in the sale for 75p and I really like them, I am wearing them all the time!

I also purchased this lovely little black lace dress for £8.00, it is stunning I love it, although it cuts low so I have to wear a black vest underneath it is still beautiful.

Lastly they kindly sent me these beautiful flower rings for free, I love them and they go with almost everything!

What do you guys think of preloved clothes?

Mia xxx


  1. The lace dress looks so cute :)x

  2. Wow this brand looks fabulous, I will definitly be checking them out! Great post! http://trappedinafashionparadise.blogspot.co.uk/ xx