Pretty Little Liars style!

Hi everyone,
So sorry I have not posted in so long!

So lately I have been loving the show Pretty Little Liars or PLL for short, and I love the style the four main girls have!

Aria is the one on the far left, her style is my favorite as it is a bit quirky and bold, she has bold patterns but a lot of the colours are dark ( Brown, black, dark red and dark purple)

 Spencer is the one on the middle left she has a more sophisticated look very smart and girly at the same time.

Hanna is the middle right she has bright style very trendy and pretty alot of dresses and heels but I love it!

Emily is the far right and she has a very sporty look, this suits her personality but it is sporty and very girly at the same time, a perfect mix.

All four girls have their own style and I think it all suits the personalities. If you have not watched PLL do it is wonderful and I love it.

Each girl has their own category:
Aria- Dark/girly
 Hanna- Girly
Emily- Sporty

Mia xxx


  1. I love PLL to I love Hanna's and Spencer's style and the jewellery that Aria wears is amazing.