NO.7 BB Cream

Hi Everyone,

So me and my gorgeous Mum went shopping yesterday! :)

On our spree, we found the absolutely amazing NO.7 BB Cream! It is to die for I am so in love with this product.

It is for normal/oily skin with an SPF of 15 and it is also hypo-allergic.

I got mine in fair for £12.95 for a 40ml bottle. I don't think it is a bad price and I do love it. 

It goes on really nicely and it last for ages, it is very subtle so it will be great for school, it is just a hands down flawless product!

I have seen BB creams with a slightly higher SPF but it is still an amazing product! 9/10

I got mine from Boots. I recommend this product, it is fantastic!

Mia xxx


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