Hi Everyone,

So I have recently found out about a really nice site, that will be launching later this year it is called Mallzee.

This site is really nice and perfect for teenagers, as one of it's aim is to make online shopping easier and more exciting and different to what we are all used too.

You make up and build your own mall ( online of course) you put all your favorite brands, makes and shops into your mall, and through the power of Facebook chat you can get friends to view your mall.

You can then talk with your friends what products they love and they can star items they like or they think you will love.

We all sometimes have hard decisions  on what to buy, and if you can not decide or choose which item to purchase, you can create a poll and get your friends to help you out.

They have currently over 200 shops on their site, which is tonnes to choose from. I think this is a brilliant idea, instead of going around every different site on the web, you can have it all on the one site and only put the shops you like in your own personal mall.

You can now register for a launch invite and the lovely people at Mallzee have said if you spread on the word on Twitter or Facebook about them you can be in with a chance to win £100/$155 in shopping vouchers plus some other goodies!

This is definitely worth a try, and it sounds really fun!

Mia xxx


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