Lissele jewellery

Hi Everyone,

So today I received my earrings from Lissele jewellery, I got mine by doing a offer they have at the moment to get a free pair of earrings! Click here for the offer! 

I was so excited when my package came through the door! The earrings I have are amazing! I got the Mini Dragon Studs With Crystal, and they are so lovely.

 They are very cute, and I can definitely see myself wearing them. I am so going to shop again at Lissele jewellery, it is a amazing online store, with so much to choose from, and the best part is it is so affordable!

Please check it out!


Mia xxx


  1. I did this and got them today! Just about to blog about mine! I just subscribed by the way, nice blog!

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  2. Suchh pretty earings :-)
    Lovely blog ♥
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  3. Thank you! I will follow yours x

  4. Those little earrings are so pretty! Found you through BBU and I think your blog is lovely! x

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