Summer Strawberries In Cream!

 Hi Everyone,

I love eating strawberries so naturally I love the smell. I have 3 favorite Body shop products that I use regularly and guess what, they all smell like strawberries.

I often buy these products but all my friends know I love them so I get them for Birthday and Christmas presents too. The products come in a set which is called "Strawberry- shower, scrub and moisture set" which you can buy from a Body shop store or online at for a really good price at £10.00.

In the set you get:
A 50ml strawberry body butter.

A 60ml strawberry shower gel.

A 75ml  strawberry body polish.

Ultra-Fine Red Bath Lily( it is not in the picture though)

You can buy the body polish in 250ml for £9.00 by itself, and the shower gel in a 250ml bottle for £4.00 by itself. I like them in a set because you get them all together and as they are all strawberry they all compliment each other.

The Strawberry body butter is amazing I use it all the time when I get out of the shower and sometime before bed. It leaves your skin with the nice summer strawberry smell and leaves them soft too. It is also perfect if you get a little sun burnt to put on after, although I do recommend to try not get burnt and have a good sun creme and high SPF.

The strawberry shower gel is another favorite I use it most days when I am in the shower, It leaves me smelling like strawberries and feeling refreshed.

The strawberry Polish is probably my favorite, I use it once a week instead of the shower gel and it is great for gentle cleansing and exfoliation. It makes you feel so smooth.

Well they are summer strawberry products from the Body shop.

What are your favorite summer smells?

Mia xxx


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