Summer Nails.

Hi Everyone,

Summertime, the time when you can get away with painting your nails and not get in trouble at school.

I love summertime especially at the moment as it is lovely and hot in England. So I have researched and bought my favorite nail polish colours for Summer 2012.

What stood out to me is that pastel colours are really in at the moment and so are summer colours so all your yellows and oranges.

Here are my favorites:

 So now I will go through all of these lovely colours.

This is one of Barry M's Nail paints. 136 Tangerine, I had to put a few coats of polish on the finger but I think it was worth it as I love this colour of orange and it has a nice shine and glitter to it. I got this nail paint from boots for £2.99 but you can also buy it from Barry M's website.

This is an OPI's nail polish, it is called Chapel of love. I got this from a beauty show but they roughly retail for about £6.00, this is great to use as the brush is amazing and the colour is very pigmented.

This is another Barry M nail paint. 029 Turquoise. I got mine from Boots and it was £2.99. I only had to do 2 coats but the nail brush is a bit thin. I still love the colour and has a nice shine to it.

This is one of my favorite colours, it is a Rimmel London colour from the "I love lasting finish fruties"  collection. It is 053 Apricot punch and what makes it so amazing is when it drys it actually smells like apricot and it is really nice. the colour is a light pinky orange and I think it is really nice for summer. I got mine from Boots for £2.99 which I think is a really good price.

Here on my thumb are 2 colours.

1) Is an OPI colour called Dulce De Leche which I got for £6.00 and you can buy it from the OPI website. I like it as it is quite a nude colour and goes with everything.

2) The crackle nail effect is quite popular at the moment and I have the Barry M 311 Black Magic, I got mine for £3.99 from the Barry M website. I love the patterns the nail creates and the best thing is each one is different.

So they are my top picks.

I love them! What are you guys planning to do over the summer?

Mia xxx 


  1. This is a wonderful and promising start to your blog Mia. Keep this up. I think you have great potential ahead of you. I hope you have fun along the way. X

    1. Thank you so much, I am having so much fun. :)