Sublime satsuma body mist!

Hi Everyone,

When I was in London I visited The Body Shop, and in The Body Shop I discovered their satsuma body mist. This is definitely my favorite summer scent.

The body mist is £7.00 for 100ml and they have loads of different scents, they have Shea, Moringa, Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla, Mango, Pink grapefruit and the one I have and my all time favorite SATSUMA!


It does smell like satsumas, but a little bit sweeter, I wear this everyday and I am madly in love with it! although don't go over the top spraying it because it can be a little bit sickly, it is still the best summer scent I come across so far! I recommend this to everyone it is perfect, it has a fresh and exotic smell and is great for presents or if you just want to buy it for yourself.

What are your favorite summer scents?

Mia xxx


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