Paul's Boutique Shimmer Body Mist!

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to do another body mist, It is something I had for awhile but forgot about it, but I am so happy to have found it again.

It is the set of three Paul's Boutique shimmer body mist. They each have different smells A.M, 24/7 and P.M and they all smell divine.

Sadly, you can't get these from Paul's Boutique website any more but you can still get them from other sites such as Amazon U.k for about £15.00 which is not a too bad price for three fragrances. Each bottle is 75ml and it has a lovely shimmer and glitter too it.

What I also like is that each fragrance  is designed for the time of day. A.M is a sweet floral scent very nice for Summer. P.M is more refined and sophisticated which makes it better for the evening. And lastly 24/7 it is floral, playful and sophisticated which makes it perfect for everything.

 You can also buy the eau de toilette which you can get from the Paul's Boutique website, which I have too! This goes very nicely with the body mist, a perfect combination.

What is your favorite body mist?

Mia xxx


  1. they look lovely! i might try them out too :) nice blog, check mine out? xx

  2. They are amazing! I have checked your out it is lovely! :)x