My adventures into London.

Hi Everyone,

Just got back from London and I can't wait to show  you the things I have found. Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I promise I will  do two posts today.

This was all the beauty products that I purchased whilst I was in London. Once I have used the products more and get a feel for them I will review them and compare to similar products I have.

One thing that I love in the picture is the Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF 15, I found it in Poundland, I went in with my older sister to get an ice lolly and came out with that, the RRP price for it is around £18.00 and I got it for £1.00, and so far it is really nice to use.

The Batiste cherry dry shampoo I got from superdrug for£1.45, the satsuma body mist I got from The Body Shop for £7.00 and the witch products all came from superdrug, the facial wash was £3.95, the blemish stick was £2.85 and the cleansing wipes are £2.99 they are all products I am really excited to start using and I can't wait to blog about them.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is not beauty related but when I tried this I was in heaven so I just had to tell you guys, I got mine in Wood Green. You pick a base green tea, black tea or milk tea then you pick a flavor I chose peach and then you chose these special pearls that look like tiny bubbles, I chose Mango Boba  there are different types of the pearls some are squishy some have juice in them, there is just so much to choose from, and it tasted so good. I paid £3.00 for mine.

I also went up to London to dip dye my hair, which is now done and today's next post will be on the dip dyeing.

When you guys go to London or a big city what sort of things do you like doing?

Mia xxx


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