Dip Dyeing.

Hello Everyone,

So I promised that I would do two posts today so here is my second. I decided since it is the summer holidays I would dip dye my hair, dip dyeing is getting more and more popular so I am going to show you how to do it.

I had to bleach my hair before as I am a brunette but if you are already naturally blonde you probably won't have to bleach it. The bleach I used was Live Color XXL Colour Intense Max which I got from superdrug for £5.49, make sure you were a old t-shirt that doesn't matter if you get bleach on it, as you can see I put one on in picture above. So mix all the products together into the bottle and read the instructions.  After they are all mixed shake the bottle well.

 Once the bleach is shaken put gloves on ( they usually come in the pack) and pour some bleach onto your hand and apply to the hair and keep applying until you have applied it as high as you want your dip dye to go and rub the bleach in your hair.

After the bleach is applied  wrap the hair in clingfilm, foil or the gloves you used, I used the gloves as it is easier.
Then leave it for about half an hour or how ever long the instructions say to leave it on for, if you have never bleached your hair before then sometimes you can leave it in a little longer to ensure you get the best results.

 After the dye has been left in long enough rinse it out and condition it , the bleach can make your hair really dry and limp so make sure you condition it.

 Now to apply the dye, I chose a dye in a shade called Atlantic blue by a company called Directions and I got this dye from Paks in Wood Green. I wanted a slightly lighter colour so I added conditioner and mixed the dye into it to make the colour lighter, but you can always keep the dye how it is and apply it from the bottle.

  I then put some gloves on and applied the dye.  Make sure you wear an old t-shirt again. wrap the dye in clingfilm or foil or the gloves again and leave it. You can always experiment to by mixing colours so I added a little bit of purple which is in shade hot purple and I also got that from Paks in Wood Green too.



 Once you have left your dye in and rinse it out. and then your good to go.  :)

BEFORE                                                                                                     AFTER




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